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Faith And Facts: The Truth About The COVID-19 Vaccine

Faith and Facts: The Truth About the COVID-19 Vaccine

We recently held a special webinar with healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente to talk about the COVID-19 vaccine, the Delta variant and how the health crisis is being handled in California. Several Central Valley doctors joined us, including Dr. Mireya Sandoval,…

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Youth of Color Discuss the COVID-19 Vaccine

Facebook Live panel featuring members of Youth Coalition of California (YCC), Dr. Fabiola Ramos (Dentist and Masters in Public Health and Epidemiology), and Pastor Nelson Rabell (FIV's Covid Outreach and Education Coordinator).
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Pregnant During A Pandemic

A live conversation with first-time parents who gave birth to and are now raising their child in the midst of a global pandemic. What was it like to carry a child while being at risk of COVID-19? How was the birth experience during this pandemic Join us as these parents share transparent answers to these questions and more.
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Young. Black. Vaccinated?

Faith in the Valley and the Kieshaun White Cleaner Air Experiment discuss the complexities of Black youth navigating a system that claims to have their best interest at heart, but continues to fail them.
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