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Faith Organizations Hand Out Checks To Help Migrant Families During Pandemic

Faith Organizations Hand Out Checks to Help Migrant Families During Pandemic

By Marlee Ginter—May 17, 2021

Migrant families lined up outside the Zion Lutheran Church in Stockton on Sunday.

Every one of them has struggled during the pandemic. It’s a community hit hard by COVID and many have lost their jobs. They listened to prayers and words of encouragement, and one of the biggest blessings of all came in a $500 check to help them pay for food and rent.

“I think it’s really cool because, especially, since I’m going to school. And with part-time work and part-time school, sometimes I don’t have enough for the bills and this helps a lot with that,” said Elizabeth Hernandez.

Hernandez has struggled to pay rent during the pandemic, but, finally, she has some relief.

One by one, names were called out. Reverend Nelson Gonzalez with Evangelical Lutheran Church in America out of Stockton handed out checks to 36 migrant families.

“They’re people, they have families. They contribute a lot to this country,” said Rev. Gonzalez.

Watch more at CBS Sacramento.

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